Christmas gift ideas for book lovers

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Book lovers are my favourite people to buy Christmas gifts for. Books are also my favourite gift to receive. If you’re buying for someone you know well, it’s a gift you can put a lot of thought into. Find out what they’ve already read, which genres they love and what sort of book they’re looking for next. You might just buy their new favourite book, or inspire them with the gift you choose.

For adults

Life Force: The Revolutionary 7-Step Plan For Optimum Energy by Susan Scott

Life Force is a practical, interactive book to guide you to improved energy levels. Follow the seven unique and effective steps using questionnaires, activities and tips to help you build your energy levels one step at a time. This fits easily into everyday life, even if you’re feeling stressed and burnt out. This book aims to help you to avoid energy slumps, sleep better and awaken revitalised. You’ll learn to use energy better, improve your mood and generally become more resilient to everything life throws at you.

The Lean Exec by Neill David Watson

If you can spare just three hours a week to improve your fitness, motivation and mental and emotional strength, The Lean Exec is the book for you. Neill Watson has spent 20 years refining his knowledge of nutrition, fitness and resistance training to achieve optimum results. The technique described becomes achievable due to being rooted in real-world action and results. A no-nonsense guide full of tips to get fit and stay fit, avoid fad diets and make healthier eating work for you. A solution for even the busiest of schedules. 

The Umbrella Men by Keith Carter

The Umbrella Men is a witty novel about corporate greed. It follows Peter Mount, self-made CEO of a rare-earth mining company. He and his business weather the storm of the Royal Bank of Scotland crisis which has been exacerbated by his own actions. Elsewhere, Amy Tate is a local environment activist doing her best to undermine an element of the green energy economy. A novel exploring capitalism, cause and effect, love and survival in a capitalist economy.

Unscripted by Claire Handscombe

Unscripted follows the story of actor Thomas Cassidy and Libby, his biggest fan. She is certain that she’s going to marry him and her route to him is to write a novel and name the main character after him. When she gets the novel to him, she’s sure he’ll be flattered and intrigued. He’ll fall in love with her writing and want to make a movie out of it. Four lives are interwoven into Unscripted and its thoughtful, moving and quirky plot tells a tale of friendship, second chances and following your dream. 

Taming the Big Pharma Monster by Hedley Rees

This fascinating non-fiction book addresses the problems with the pharmaceutical industry and looks at how to address them. Sharing inner secrets of the trade, it arms readers with the knowledge and education to do something about it. An easy to read journey through over forty years of system decline. Taming the Big Pharma Monster is a thought-provoking read that will make you realise there is a better way and you can be part of the solution. 

Distant Signs by Anne Richter

Based in post WWII East Germany, Distant Signs is a historic fiction novel based on two families spanning three generations. It follows their fortunes during times of political turbulence behind the Berlin Wall. City dwelling professor’s daughter Margaret marries Hans who comes from a small village in the Thuringian forest. They struggle with their very different backgrounds and the childhood traumas they suffered in the aftermath of the war. Hidden truths from both families are revealed as personal and political lives unravel. An authentic portrayal of family life behind the iron curtain, based on the author’s personal experience as an East German teenager at the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Penguin Classics in Audio

Fifty audiobooks from the Penguin Classics collection have recently been released. Each one is read by a talented and well-known actor. Sian Clifford from Fleabag reads Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones reads A Room of One’s Own and Homeland star David Harewood reads The War of the Worlds. Check out the audio classics collection on the Penguin website for the full list of audiobooks. 

For older children

Tigeropolis Caught in the Trap by R D Dikstra

Recommended for children in early to middle reading grade. Tigeropolis is a vast tiger reserve in the foothills of the Himalayas, home to a family of vegetarian tigers. Hidden far away from humans, the tiger family don’t hunt or roar. They have a snug home in a cave furnished with things they found at a local dump including a TV, sofa and internet access. When Tigeropolis is threatened with closure because people no longer believe tigers live there, the family are forced to show themselves to encourage visitors back to the park. Tigeropolis Caught in the Trap is the third in a series but can be read as a standalone book.

Travels with Sushi in the Land of the Mind by Eduard Shyfrin

Recommended for middle grade readers. Travels with Sushi in the Land of the Mind cleverly combines literature with quantum physics. Aaron and Stella try some special sushi at their grandparents house. The sushi transports them to another universe, the Land of the Mind. Maths and quantum physics govern the land but it is being taken over by chaos and evil.  The Dark Lords of Intolerance, Fear, Pride, Indifference, Betrayal and Despair rule many areas of the Land of the Mind. To restore order, the children must rescue the Book of Understanding which contains the rules of living a good life. To do so, they need to navigate the infinite dimensions of quantum physics with the help of a phi-flyer and a wise raven called Sophie. 

Undercover Thief by H T King

Undercover Thief is aimed at children aged 10 and over. When Pam’s parents disappeared leaving her alone aged just nine years old, she had to be exceptional to stay alive. Now she’s fourteen with a home, an income and a loving family who happen to be one of the most notorious groups of thieves in the London Underground. Suddenly her parents return and enrol her into a boarding school for spies. Pam doesn’t take to the school or her parents and everyone seems to want to know about her past. Now Pam needs to learn how to keep a secret in a school full of spies.

For little ones

Personalised child’s Snowman by Barnaby Wright

A personalised book for little ones. This magical large-format Snowman adventure book comes with a free animated e-story. Find out what happens when the child awakes on Christmas morning to find a double-decker bus full of snowmen parked in the garden. The child is whisked off to the North Pole, transformed into an elf and helps Santa to do his Christmas wrapping. Next it’s time to sort and deliver the gifts but will they be home before everyone else wakes up, and will their family believe they helped to save Christmas? The child’s face is on every page and personal information such as their address and names of family members or friends is included so the child knows the book is really about them. Personalise a snowman book for a loved one on the Its Your Story website.

Who Do I See in the Mirror?

A picture book for young children. For every book sold, the publishers will donate a book to an underprivileged child. Philly looks at her reflection in the mirror and realises that she is unique from her curly hear to her dancing legs. However, what makes her special is her curious mind and good heart. Who Do I See In The Mirror has a special message for children to love the skin they are in because it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Deep Dark Wood Board Game

Help the little mouse to get home safely with a bit of luck and a good memory. The Deep Dark Wood board game includes favourite characters from the Gruffalo books. This game only takes around 10 minutes to play and is ideal for 2-4 players aged 3 and up. A lovely gift for a little Gruffalo fan who will enjoy sitting down to play a game with the rest of the family.

For the whole family

3D Knight Bus Puzzle

If you’re buying a family gift for book lovers then why not consider something based around their favourite stories? This 216 piece 3D jigsaw puzzle transforms into the Harry Potter Knight Bus. Once you’ve made it, it is practical too. It comes with a pen holder so your recipients can keep it on display and stay organised with a pen on hand when they need one. Easy click technology makes it simple to put the pieces together so the whole family can get involved. Stockists include Smyths Toys.

Guinness Book of Records 2020

Get ready for a new decade of record-breaking with Guinness World Records 2020. This vibrant new edition celebrates the latest record-breaking achievements, covering a wide spectrum of topics including classics like amazing animals, jaw-dropping geography and spectacular sporting achievements. There are a few surprises too with cutting-edge records including streaming, viral sports, robots and Artificial Intelligence. Available now in stores and online.

Christmas gifts for book lovers | Books and book related gifts for the whole family. From audio versions of the classics to brand new children's novels and self help books for adults. #booklovers #christmasgifts

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  1. I really like the sound of Distant Signs and the Knight Bus is amazing! I love to buy books for people, but they are such a personal thing and easy to get wrong! My husband has given up trying to buy books for me and just leaves me to buy my own!

  2. There’s a few here that I quite like the sound of. I’m struggling with low energy at the moment, mostly due to all the broken nights that come with having a toddler but ideas to improve my energy levels would be great so might have to put Life Force on my list!