Children dressed in Edwardian outfits at Winchester city museum

Thursday photo #273

We’re nearing the end of our busiest fortnight of the school holidays. Since the girls finished school, we’ve had something booked in every single day. This continues until Sunday and on Monday, we’re off on holiday. We’re not lying on a beach holidayers, so we’ll undoubtedly be busy and active. But as yet, we have no plans. I can’t wait.

The free day and the triathlon

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been quite looking forward to last Saturday. Nothing was booked in, so I thought we might stroll around a National Trust property with a picnic. Nothing too far away or too exciting. Walking the dog, a play at the park and maybe a cup of tea and a cake. Then, our plans changed.

We were driving somewhere last week and Libby started asking when she could do another triathlon. I said I didn’t know. We’d missed the opportunity to enter the one she did last year because I’d intended to enter when we had some spare cash. By the time we did though, we were so busy it slipped to the back of my mind. And the race had been in June, so we were well beyond it. I checked the website to see if there were any other races they could take part in, but it seemed unlikely because it was the only one last year that took them at age 5.

To my surprise, the race was on Saturday. After a brief hesitation over kissing goodbye to my eagerly anticipated relaxing day, we entered them both in the race. As predicted, they loved it. Lia surprised us all by getting her head down and doing it even though she was a bit nervous. They both completed the race and claimed their lovely finishers’ medal. Lia in particular is so proud of herself, it’s a massive confidence boost for her. Worth giving up my coveted relaxing day for. I do intend to reclaim it in the future though.

Cannock Chase Forest Staffordshire West Midlands cycling downhill

A city break with the children

Earlier in the week, we spent a couple of days in Winchester. My husband, much to his disgust, can’t always get the time off to come with us. Instead, I decided to meet my sister who is lives in London. She was working on Monday and Tuesday, but was available to stay with us overnight. This worked perfectly because it meant we could spent a reasonable amount of time together without her having to book a day off work.

However, it also meant that I had to do the journeys and days out on my own with the girls. Luckily, they’re of an age now where I enjoy their company. It’s rare to have to tell them off or even break up fights. In fact, the couple of days away gave me a bit more confidence to take them away completely on my own. I’m not sure I’ll do it over the Summer, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

children on medal podium at Winchester science centre

Thursday photo #273

I couldn’t resist this photo of the girls. They were so pleased to be able to dress up in Edwardian clothing. They were pulling the faces they think Edwardian people would have pulled to have their photos taken.

Children dressed in Edwardian outfits at Winchester city museum

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  1. Very well done to them for the triathlon! I’m always happy to sacrifice a day for the kids to do sport. It sounds like you had a lovely time in Winchester. I’ve never taken more than one child away on my own – and I only took one away for the first time last year, when she was 12!

    1. Thank you. I agree, it’s a sacrifice worth making. And I’m glad it’s not just me that worries about taking the children away on my own, it just seems like such a stressful thing to do, all that responsibility!