Our Thursday Photo #20

This week we have been deliberating and agonising over what to do about school for Libby. We don’t want her to go to the local school where we live at the moment, and this would be our catchment area. The only way to guarantee that she will get into a nice school is to move house. We love the house that we live in, it’s a great location, close to family and it’s just coming together as we want it. Ultimately though, the school that Libby goes to is too important to take a risk on, so we have reluctantly decided to move house.

So today, we had an estate agent round to value our house. We’ve been looking at some lovely houses lately and all being well, Libby will go to my old school, we’re just on the look out for the right house in that village. Libby’s speech is coming along amazingly well, and the girls are really happy to play together now, spending ages just giggling and playing together.

Our Thursday Photo #20 was taken just before their afternoon nap, so they were both exhausted but delighted to be together.

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