Our Thursday Photo #28

Eek!! First post on my new blog! As you can see, all of my old posts have moved across, but they’re not looking wonderful. I’ve moved to my own website because in many ways Blogger was getting a little restrictive – a lot to do with user error I’m sure! So, here we are, all shiny and new!

At long last, I can finally say that Lia is slowly getting a little better with her sleeping at night. She is still waking up, but it’s once or twice rather than numerous occasions. She is also getting into a slightly better routine with daytime naps too, so fingers crossed things are looking up! 

In other news and in direct contradiction to tradition, we are already gearing up for Christmas. We will be at the Christmas Market on Saturday, ice skating on Wednesday and Libby’s nursery nativity and Father Christmas visit on Friday. Almost time to drag out the tree and put up some decorations, Libby is going to be beside herself with excitement! 

On my new site, I will be archiving all of my Thursday Photos in one place, I’m really looking forward to having a page that I can look through to see how the girls are growing and changing before my eyes. And on that note, here is our Thursday photo #28, and look who’s standing up!  

2014-11-19 14.09.58


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