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Thursday photo #271

What a week. We’ve had a weekend break at Feather Down Fountain Violet Farm in Devon, the children have been in two stage shows. There’s been illness, awards, a birthday, a smack on the head and a lot of swimming. The last day of term can’t come soon enough for the girls who are absolutely exhausted. Personally though, I could do with a few more days of school. Just long enough to catch up on work and sleep before becoming a full-time children’s entertainer for six weeks.

Stage shows and awards

On Sunday, the girls took part in a stage show. They’d been practicing for months. All year in fact. Despite that, I wasn’t convinced Lia would do it. Both girls had a very small singing solo and Lia had a line to say as well. It took place in a relatively large hall that was pretty much full. At Christmas, Lia had a small part in the school play. One line, which she utterly refused to say. Then there was an assembly. The same thing happened.

In her last assembly though, she did manage to say her one line. So there was a chance she’d manage it in the stage show. But on the day, she was under the weather. And tired. She nearly didn’t even make it to the rehearsal. And yet when it came down to it, she sung her solo and said her line. By the end of the show, Libby had decided she wanted to audition for a main part next time. Lia didn’t. But at five, she wouldn’t be able to anyway. And she was happy that she’d done it, and looking forward to the next show. Which seemed like a real step forward.

Last week, we were invited to the school awards assembly to see Libby collect an award. We weren’t told what it was for, but we knew there were awards for reading, music and sport. Having seen her SATS results and chatted to hear teacher, I was sure the award was for reading. Then I heard that the music award winners were chosen by the teachers, including her singing teacher. So it could be that. But sport? Definitely not. She doesn’t do much sport at school and at seven, she still can’t catch a ball. But I was wrong. The award was for effort and enthusiasm in sport. We couldn’t be prouder.

girl doing handstand


During our break at the weekend, the views over the coast were absolutely stunning. At night, the virtually full moon reflected off the sea. When we got back, I realised there would be a lunar eclipse on Tuesday night. So, I met up with a few other swimmers for a full moon lunar eclipse swim. It was my second swim of the day and we were in for around an hour on both occasions. It was stunning. Swimming outdoors at night was an incredible experience, like swimming in black ink. And the moon was beautiful.

Thursday photo #271

It is difficult to believe that this week has only been seven days long. And now summer holidays are upon us. And these two couldn’t be more delighted.

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