Our Thursday Photo #43

This week, for some reason things seem to have fallen into place. 

Lia has been sleeping a lot better for a while now, but I hadn’t really managed to make the most of it and get my own life in order. I was still working until around 2 am most nights, sometimes even later. 

So, towards the end of last week I decided to cut down on my work for a few days. I didn’t stop completely, but took on notably less for four days. We didn’t go away or do anything in particular, I just got back into a normal sleeping routine. 

This has made an enormous difference to me because by Monday when I upped my workload again, I wasn’t exhausted. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still have the children so I’m not full of energy. But I am functioning so much better that I’m not having to survive on caffeine and sugar just to stay awake.

My work is going more quickly, so I’ve managed to get to bed by midnight every night. I’ve also managed to find time to exercise properly for the first time in ages. It feels amazing. 

I’m glad I’m feeling a bit better too, because Libby is on a mission to make my life hell this week. Okay, she isn’t, she’s just being two. But it seems like it sometimes. She is questioning everything I tell her and going out of her way to do the opposite. It’s hard work. 

That said, when we are out of the house in public, she behaves immaculately. Whilst this is wonderful and a complete relief, I do sometimes feel a bit hard done by. I think everyone genuinely believes she’s like that at home too and we spend our time enjoying each other’s company and baking perfect cakes. If only. 

Lia has also been a bit difficult this week, waking up as soon as it gets light. It’s definitely time to get blackout blinds. 

To Lia’s credit though, she has also amazed me with some of the things she is capable of doing this week. I mentioned some of these in a previous blog post. She has surprised me again today though. 

She was sat with the baby toys at playgroup today and I took a ring from the ring stacker to give to her, thinking she’d probably bite it. Surprisingly, she took it from me and put it straight back on again. She then repeated this several times, removing and replacing rings. 

I don’t think this is particularly advanced for her age, it’s just crept up on me a bit that she can suddenly do things. She’s making a good job of letting me know what she can do though. 

We’ve also had a new addition to our DVD collection this week, in the form the Jungle Book. Both girls are captivated by it, dancing along to the music.

They only watch TV for a few minutes each day and haven’t got into the usual children’s shows. It would appear that they are going to be Disney fans though, as they are demonstrating so aptly in our Thursday Photo #43. 



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