Thursday photo 155, the day we ran with Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill

Thursday photo #155

I do sometimes wonder whether we do too much with the children. They have very little down time at home and rarely do schoolwork outside of school. I’ve written before about the lessons children will never learn from homework and it has been particularly true this week. In fact Libby missed the first day of term at school because, quite frankly, she had a better offer.

A busy weekend

Last Friday, my husband took the girls out for a day so I could catch up with some work. He’s away this week and I’d been in Easter holiday mode for too long so it was time to knuckle down. Luckily that allowed me to take Saturday off and we headed to Warwick Castle. It was a fun day of learning thanks to the Horrible Histories maze and show.

Looking for a fun, educational day out in the West Midlands? We can highly recommend Warwick Castle. Check out the connection between Horrible Histories and Warwick Castle and find out how you can learn all about both the history of England and the Castle's history from the Horrible Histories maze and stage show.

Sunday was busy as ever with swimming, but the girls managed to fit in an afternoon nap. I made it to water polo training too, which was a bit of a relief as I knew I wouldn’t manage to do much exercise this week. Then it was time to get two very excited girls to bed ahead of their amazing day on Monday.

Missing a day of school

At the moment, I’m helping to promote the incredible Vitality Move family friendly fitness and music festival. As part of that, we were asked to take part in a boot camp day on Monday at beautiful Chatsworth House.

Thursday photo 155, the day we ran with Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill

My friend kindly came along with us to help out with the girls. When we arrived, we were greeted and given drinks and Vitality Move t-shirts. After a few minutes to relax, it was time to walk down to the gardens of Chatsworth House to do some running. We had a short warm up, then we did a one-mile lap. Libby ran all the way and Lia cheated a little bit, taking a short cut as she was a bit left behind.

After that it was time to head back into the house for a HIIT fitness class. I’d never done one of these before and it was tough. I was very impressed with Libby as she managed to keep up with all the adults and complete the entire class. Then it was time for a well-earned lunch and a stroll around Chatsworth House and their adventure playground and farmyard.

Our Thursday photo #155

I’ll be doing a proper write up about our day out on Monday over the next few days. But look who gatecrashed the girls’ Thursday photo this week. What do you think, would you have taken your child out of school for the day to run with her? I’m so glad I did.

Thursday photo 155, the day we ran with Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill

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