Our Thursday photo #44

This evening when he got home from work, hubby took the girls to the shop to buy me something for mother’s day. This sounded promising, after all it could only be an improvement on last year, when I received this for mother’s day. 

2014-03-30 09.21.30Hubby was quick to point out that it’s the thought that counts, but I’m pretty sure not a lot of thought went into this. 

Anyway, fast forward to this evening, and things are looking up somewhat, since Libby came home from the shop and announced that she’d bought me some flowers, “But I’m not allowed to tell you until mother’s day.”

So they had dropped the secret flowers off at Granddad’s house so that I don’t see them until Sunday. Libby stayed there for a little while after dropping the flowers off, and hubby went and collected her just before dinner. 

As we were sitting down to eat, Libby announced that she’d already had some dinner at Granddad’s house. As you can probably imagine, I wasn’t over the moon that she’d already eaten, so I asked her what she’d had. 

“Fork.” Said Libby, quick as a flash. Noticing the confusion on our faces, she clarified, “Fork, I had fork to eat at Granddad’s.”

I had no idea what she was talking about, but it was close enough to jog hubby’s memory as to what she’d been eating. They had a brief conversation about the fact that she’d actually had pork, not fork. 

Under the circumstances, the only reply I could muster was, “Well thank goodness she didn’t have duck.”

And on that note, here is our Thursday photo #44. 

2015-03-12 19.34.43


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