Celebrating learning achievements with Reading Eggs

Since Libby started school, reading has become part of our routine. She brings a book home every day and we sit together to read it. There was a stage where it was a bit of a chore. She’d moved on from the simple books she used to read to ones with a more exciting story. But they were also longer and more difficult to read.

The turning point

Before Easter, we saw Libby’s teacher for a parents evening. Libby had slipped from being in an advanced reading group, to being slightly behind where she should be. So, I decided we needed to do more at home. We worked on her digraphs and high frequency words. And it paid off. Reading became easier again and her school report showed that she was at the expected level for her age.

But then came the summer holidays. Six weeks of either battling with her to get her to read regularly, or accepting that her reading would slip again. But luckily, Reading Eggs stepped in to help us out.

Summer learning achievements with Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is, quite simply, the fun way to read. It was developed collaboratively between teachers, web developers, educational writers and animators. The end result is a colourful, exciting online programme that combines games with learning.

I remember the sense of achievement I felt when I got to the end of a book as a child. But Libby isn’t quite at that stage with her reading. And yet, she needs to feel like she is achieving something. It’s what keeps her interested. And this is exactly what Reading Eggs offers.

When a child first starts the Reading Eggs programme, it tests them to see what level they need to start at. After Libby’s test, I had an email with some information about how her reading was going. She was then able to access a learning map. Each stage of the map offers different games, where she can collect eggs.

For Libby, the sense of achievement of collecting eggs and moving on through the map was really enjoyable. She would ask to play reading eggs, particularly when she was coming towards the end of a map. And as a result, she ended up reading regularly throughout the Summer. Something I never would have persuaded her to do otherwise.

The unexpected benefits of Reading Eggs

Perhaps due to the name, I really thought that Reading Eggs would focus purely on reading. But in fact, I’ve seen an unexpected benefit this Summer.

Libby came home a bit upset one day towards the end of last year. She’d had a spelling test and only got one right out of ten. I had no idea they were even doing spellings, I don’t think she’d even turned five by then. And I didn’t really know how to help her with them.

But this Summer, her spellings have come on in leaps and bounds. If I ask her to write something, she now has a good guess at how to spell it, and gets many words right. This is purely due to Reading Eggs. Some of the games ask her to put words together, or fill in the missing letters. And something has clicked in her mind when it comes to spelling. This leap was a pleasant surprise and has made me determined to ensure she continues with Reading Eggs now that she’s back at school.

The free trial

The creators of Reading Eggs know that it’s difficult to understand how much this concept benefits children without trying it. That’s why they’ve agreed to give readers a FIVE WEEK free, no-obligation trial. You can thoroughly ensure it works for your child before spending any money, just click here for your free trial.

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  1. We love Reading Eggs, it’s amazing how kids can really pick up how to spell and read sentences through games and songs. My son is the same and will happily play it, getting excited about his new eggs too! :)x

  2. This sounds really good. We often struggle getting Meme to read which is a shame because she is really good at reading – she just loses interest. I am tempted to try this out especially with Harri starting school this year.